Tuesday, 15 December 2009

While looking through numerous new exciting sites i came across this piece which is made up of found photographs sewn together which fits in perfectly as an example of what i am doing with my Silence brief, Yep i know i am making a patchwork quilt and i am using photographs which have a special meaning but it is assembled in the same way unfortunately in my excitement i have forgotten which site and which artist has made it! Fingers crossed i will find this information out soon and give them the credit they deserve.


These gorgeous posters were designed & created by Barcelona designer Manuel Romero, using old currency and faux currency he has created something so beautiful.

Well this is a bit strange the mac has a wonderful way of producing what it wants and not what we would like it to do! this is the text from the previous post...I have to admit i quite like it :D

This moleskin forest has been created by a Tokyo artist Oki Sato, Its so unique i dont think i have ever seen anything quite like it before. It looks like the pages must have been cut first before being bound which must have been so tricky to do. But what an end result its simply beautiful

Never seen anything like this before

This moleskin forest has been created by a Tokyo artist Oki Sato, Its so unique i don't think i have ever seen anything quite like it before. It looks like the pages have been cut first before being bound which must have been so tricky to do. But what an end result its simply beautiful

An oh so pretty Ruler

As you can probably tell today i have mostly been faffing about (in a resourceful way) finding some fantastic hidden gems, this is another beautiful example but costing $185.00 it may be practical and positively lovely to look at and admire but its ever so slightly out of my spending range!

what a fantastic way to recycle your toilet rolls

How fantastic are these and what a great way to recycle old toilet roll tubes they are created by Anastassia Elias who is a collage artist, painter, illustrator and paper crafter. She created these toilet roll paper tubes by papercrafting Kraft paper and inserting the cut paper into toilet rolls.

Police posters

I had to put these on here as they are Mine, Isobel's and Helen's claim to fame they have been featured in coronation street twice now. The Red & Green in this episode and the Orange & i think it was the Pink in last nights which i am still trying to get a screen shot of....Lets hope they get more characters in to Weatherfield's Police station's interview room!


It was pointed out to me that my spine title's were the wrong way round they should be readable when lay down face up so i have made the changes and also checked again the amount of pages in what i thought was he last chapter in Love & Mr Lewisham and i have discovered that there is an extra 5 chapters so it has changed the design completely but i am glad as i feel it looks a lot more appealing and fits in with the other designs better.

Friday, 11 December 2009


After having a few months of none stop stressing about were i can go after this course i can now finally begin to relax, For a while now i have been thinking about going in to teaching in an area of design,although i am unsure of what age group and wether i want to teach in a school or in a way in which i can work with a variety of ages and backgrounds. Last year i was a mentor for the ideas foundation a part of mccan erikkson i had the opportunity to work with a group of boisterous teenage boys some were not even considering a life involving design but i loved every minute of it i found i did have something to offer these kids and really managed to help them enjoy working on the brief which they were set. Looking back this is definitely something i really enjoyed and felt it was a rewarding experience knowing that you can help somebody achieve there aspirations something i would like to do as a career, Its also nice to know that my tutor thinks that this would be a great direction for me to go in and with his help hopefully i will get there...in the meantime though i want to make books...lots of little artists book it has taken me a while to see that i have enjoyed each brief in which i have been able to make a hand crafted end product so yep i have made a lot of decisions today and as orange would say 'the future is bright' :D

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

H.G.Wells book designs

Well here are my final designs i will be printing them in high gloss paper and making mock ups which i will post when they are finished.


I do like the previous design but i started to think how i could create designs for the other books in this collection with the same feel, When i looked into the other titles further doing something in this style just didn't seem to feel relevant so i went back to the drawing board and thought about how i could do a series of books which linked together well but still had a strong concept behind them. After a while i decided that instead of trying to put the feel of each book into words/pictures i wanted to link them in a different way something simple but innovative, This brought me to my final designs, I have chosen to create graphics based on each book but a collective concept, This involves lines produced by each chapter and how many pages are in these, i suppose its basically a horizontal bar chart mapping out the results, I have chosen to have these in colours which are bright and of the times, I think these covers will look good printed on a high quality gloss paper to give it more of a contemporary edge. I have also had the idea to try cutting out the graphics so the colour of the hardback book will show through in the vibrant colours i have chosen or maybe turn these designs into a box that a hardback book can slot into.


As the brief stated that the book covers should stay away from the classic and victorian designs i decided to try and create something more contemporary so i carried on experimenting with the title Ann Veronica in the hope of creating something interesting.

H.G.Wells book designs

When i started this brief i was unsure of what the outcome would be, as my work is so varied and every project has had an outcome so different in styles, I am actually finding it quite difficult at the moment to try and recognize which style is 'my style' this is so frustrating...After lots of research i decided to work on one title to do some experimental work with so i started with Ann Veronica all i new at this point was that i wanted to try and do some work with text.

Friday, 13 November 2009

The start of something beautiful

I have decided to take the silent memories further in the 2nd part of my brief so i have printed some of the photographs out onto paper serviettes which are associated with family party's and also they are delicate and could be torn and destroyed at anytime which is representative of how fragile our life is and how easy it can all end. To take this further to create a folding piece of information i want to turn these images in to a patchwork quilt which is also a way of collecting silent memories, i will stitch the photographs printed on the paper serviettes with white cotton using several long lengths of cotton loosely bound this will represent the blood line through the family in a silent way each stitch will vary in size and distance to represent how we are individual beings connected by the same blood line where the breaks in thread appear this will represent people who have lost there lives and when it starts again will show how life carries on. I have yet to find the exact photographs to include and the piece of text which i want to incorporate as a tag.

coming to the end

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Beginning of a new idea

I want to try and move on from looking just at death and look into the whole life cycle, New life, Being reborn, life after death i'm not sure where this will take me as i have only just begun investigating. I created these piece's this morning and hope to generate a lot more experimental pieces on the same topic.


Not being sure as to wether i am generating appropriate material for this next part of the silence brief i have been faffing about with the grave rubbings and photographs, i created these yesterday.

La Antena

Flicking through channels late last night into the morning hours i stumbled across a film called La Antena the description was a futuristic sci fi set in a city which has lost its voice. Intrigued i thought i should watch at least the first half hour to see if it would be any good and of course because of the reference to silence, This film was so unexpected it was filmed in b&w and was absolutely visually beautiful it was a near silent film with the characters communicating by mouthing words which appeared as sub-titles within the screen as though it was in thin air. The only person who has managed to keep there voice is the singer La Voz (The voice) who works for the evil Mr TV the owner of the only TV channel to be aired in the city, He is the major voice of the city even though he does not have one, they eat MR TV food can only watch his channel and everything in the film relates back to Mr TV, The part of the film i loved (if i had to pick one part) was were the son of La Voz who has no eyes is waiting for a package to be delivered containing his new eyes, This is delivered to the wrong address and is opened by a little girl (daughter of a man who works for mr tv) as she opens the envelope and shakes it 4 pieces of paper fall out onto the table then magically come together to form a musical dancer like the ones you see in jewelry boxes this is a beautiful scene, after this she delves into the envelope and pulls out a pair of glasses which look like 3d cardboard glasses these have images of a pair of eyes for the boy to wear, unfortunately not long after this i fell asleep as it was heading on to 2am but i am so upset that i did not get to see the rest of the film i am now going to buy it, i strongly recommend you watch this film you will not be disappointed.