Friday, 13 November 2009

The start of something beautiful

I have decided to take the silent memories further in the 2nd part of my brief so i have printed some of the photographs out onto paper serviettes which are associated with family party's and also they are delicate and could be torn and destroyed at anytime which is representative of how fragile our life is and how easy it can all end. To take this further to create a folding piece of information i want to turn these images in to a patchwork quilt which is also a way of collecting silent memories, i will stitch the photographs printed on the paper serviettes with white cotton using several long lengths of cotton loosely bound this will represent the blood line through the family in a silent way each stitch will vary in size and distance to represent how we are individual beings connected by the same blood line where the breaks in thread appear this will represent people who have lost there lives and when it starts again will show how life carries on. I have yet to find the exact photographs to include and the piece of text which i want to incorporate as a tag.

coming to the end