Friday, 23 April 2010

Well the idea for laser cutting my designs did not go down to well as there is apparently no point, if it doesn't tie in with the word and the reason is just to make them more appealing then its not good enough!! so back to the drawing board yet again feeling ever so slightly frustrated and fed up, i have done another idea which is using a humorous approach by using images which reflect the word these will hopefully inform and appeal to the target audience. I actually quite like this idea but obviously it needs to be worked with more but a good starting point i hope!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

flash cards

I have also come to a final design for my flash cards, no longer are they going to be your run of the mill version i have decided to have each word laser cut out of aluminum sheets which will hopefully work out i have to go and speak to the man who can, it will cost a fortune but i think they will be worth it for sure. i have posted some photos of the words i cut out of card to get a feel of what they may look like i have materials to make the packaging when they are finished i have also made a set of the usual flash card format which will be contained inside the box as an additional extra.

final Chekhov book covers

As you know i have been working on producing visuals for Anton Chekhovs short story 'Dreams'
I have finally finished this project and have created a few visual responses which include 3 posters printed onto a thick tracing paper, 2 posters containing words and also 3 book-covers.i have yet to photograph my posters, the books are below.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I have been without my internet connection over easter which has not been enjoyable to say the least, will be back blogging soon