Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I have created a couple of layouts using the visual experiments i did first for the Chekhov brief here they are below, It is just a start i hope to do plenty more examples but i am still unsure as to what i will produce for an end product!

more chekhov

Ive been doing a few more experiments and visuals using stick and ink in my sketchbook here are some of my favorite results, im making some progress but feel i need to put a few days solid in working to produce a lot more sketches, I also want to take a more graphic approach in generating other images which can also represent the story.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Anton Chekhov

I have started to break down some of the sketches by cropping them and printing them out again then scanning back in on the mac i really like these as it has began to pick up on textures within the images. More upside down images not to sure why this keeps happening today must have gremlins!

Anton Chekhov

A few more sketches...some upside down again?!

Anton Chekhov

I have decided to work on the Chekhov brief using his short story 'DREAMS' as inspiration, As usual i had to get the crap out in order to start reveling something good, I gave myself a couple of minutes to produce rough sketches of parts of the story i could visualize at this stage, here are some of the results.
(hmmm for some reason my last 3 images are upside down will try and sort this out tomorrow!)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Valentines day stall

Tomorrow Stacie is setting up a Valentines day stall in the union and for my donation i was busily baking and creating (a mess), I decided to make love heart and rose shaped cakes it took many attempts using the stupid silicone moulds and i only liked the heart shaped cakes so i made vanilla and coconut ones which i then decorated with icing and edible glitter i think they look scrumptious, I also made (for the first time ever) some Bathbombs scented with winter berries they turned out lovely to and smell good enough to eat, I made small tags and packaged them in cellophane, I think they look very attractive so hopefully people will buy them tomorrow and put some cash in the degree fund. I did take some photos on my phone but there not very good but you get the idea as to what they looked like.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On my way

Well i have finally decided on a name to use work wise, As i have a famous name it is quite hard for me to find a domain name, So a few months ago i decided to choose an alternative name to use, I wanted something catchy and intriguing something people would remember, I have now decided for definite that the name i will use is........


Why you may ask?
Well i am hoping that my work will excite people in the way cats get excited by catnip!
I have bought a domain name CATNIPcreative.org.uk as just CATNIP was unavailable on its own, I am hoping over the next few days/weeks to put together an identity and design some business cards, I do have the idea of hand-making paper where i will be recycling paper which i have used in my research through uni to which i will add catnip i will then print my details onto it using either letterpress or silk screening, I would also like to set up a blog using this identity.