Wednesday, 27 January 2010


How amazing are these how much patience and what a very steady hand the artist/craftsman must have had to create these beautiful intricate designs on an eggshell!

Ice men

Feeling the need to take a break from the dreaded essay i had a look through the sites i save on my bookmarks to give myself a visual treat, I came across these fantastic little sculptures made from ice, these were created by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo as an art instillation consisting of hundreds of these little figures, The instillation lasted until the final ice sculpture melted. Im Not to sure what the concept behind this was as it didnt mention it but my thoughts are that maybe it was created to show how global warming is affecting the population, i find this such an inspiring and interesting way to engage with the public outside of a gallery.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


The following images are a perfect example of the feel i want to achieve with my Idea for the Ted Baker window display,they are visually stunning and intriguing everything you require to catch the eyes of perspective customers i for one would be straight in the shop to see what goodies lay in-store.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ted Baker

Last friday i decided to work on the Ted Baker brief as a second personal project. The idea stemmed from what i had in mind for my forthcoming wedding its a combination of afternoon tea at the ritz (typically british) cucumber sandwiches, scones with cream and jam in a setting with chandeliers and opulent furniture, The twist is to mix it with a hint of Narnia, the mannequins wearing woodland creature masks which can also be given away in store, crystal tress dressed in fairy lights with chandeliers hanging from the branches, A table set with mis-matched china and cakes & sandwiches on silver stands,In store you will be treated to miniature victoria sponges and cups of tea what better way could you spend a cold winters day shopping?! Below are the mood boards i created to give a feel of the style i am trying to portray in my final display.

Final Quaker Packaging

Here are my final boards for Quaker, I think they fit the requirements of the brief as they wanted something simple and fresh which i feel my design reflects i wanted to keep the design simple yet use colours which look fresh and enticing i chose to use a white background as to me this reflects something which is good for you, healthy and not indulgent, i have found this to be the case from my initial research, i feel my design also presents itself in an appealing way to females of the target audience age (25-35)


For the Kino4 project i chose to create a logo but last night i decided to do a couple of posters in a minimal graphic style, The IF design revolves around the quote 'one man can change the world, with a bullet in the right place', There is no reason why i chose to use rectangular shapes other than i feel they look good, I have placed the quote as if it is the bullet entering the shape pushing part of the shape out i have reflected this at the bottom of the rectangle where i have placed the directors information and used red as a whole colour representing the blood shed, I like how it has turned out it is very simple but i feel it is also quite effective, The poster for the Corporation film is a graphic symbol of part of a ladder (climbing the ladder in business to get to the top) i have used orange as this is predominantly used on the website and in the logo for the film. I also like how this one has turned out to and am happy with the overall concept and aesthetics of both posters.

Quaker oats

For my personal project i chose to do the Quaker oats brief, which is to design the new identity for the quaker oats new chilled desert, After copious amounts of research i have come up with the following designs 2 of which will be incorporated into my final design. I have also redesigned the Quaker Oats so simple logo.


Well i spent the whole day Saturday attempting to make the small replica suitcase to store my quilt in, and it resulted in a really poor outcome so that has now been scrapped, Panicking i spent all saturday night on the internet (ebay) trying to find a suitable container but alas i had no happy ending the ones i liked were either to small or to big , After the disastrous weekend i finally found a lovely memory storage box in Au Naturale which my quilt fits into perfectly, oh and i managed to take a few more photo's of the quilt in situ and i am really happy with how they have turned out.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Patchwork Quilt

Yesterday i finally finished my patchwork quilt created by stitching together photographs printed on to napkins.It took me 123 napkins which i had to stick on paper to get the printer to take it through just to have 48 patches, It took me 20 hours in all to print and make it but i defiantly think it was worth it as Im really happy with the results, i have taken a couple of photo's but i am not impressed with them as i dont think it shows how beautiful and delicate the quilt is. Over the weekend i am planning on making a small replica suitcase like the one which the photo's came out of which will house the quilt. I shall post this and some additional photographs soon.