Thursday, 4 March 2010


As well as working on the Chekhov project i have also been working on two others, one of which is the I.S.T.D brief 100, You are required to interpret the number 100, the content can be educational, explanations of events, historical or social discoveries or developments, sporting records or achievements, they want an innovative idea which not only intrigues but also informs.
As i want to have a career in teaching i wanted to choose a subject which would reflect this, After initial research i came across a one stop resource for the english language. As i have recently been looking into how i can improve my vocabulary the list i found on here was what i was looking for, 100 words to impress an examiner in examinations, My idea is to create a set of cards like flash cards you use with children but these will be aimed at higher education students, or maybe just people who would like to improve there vocabulary like myself.
They can be pinned on to notice boards or carried around with you in the package i am working on at the moment. i would also like to come up with new ideas as to how else the cards/words could be accessed , I am thinking that there could be a App for phones where you have access to the cards to view on screen, in the pack you buy there could also contain a cd to store the words on your computer, and maybe even set up a facebook group to encourage people/ students to interact and help each other with improving there vocabulary wether to help with a crossword or to use in everyday language/conversations.
I have finished typing up all 100 cards i have put an example below, I am now working on the name, logo and packaging for this product.

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  1. cute idea... we are also working on the brief here in South Africa but i am struggling!! its such an open brief!