Tuesday, 19 January 2010


For the Kino4 project i chose to create a logo but last night i decided to do a couple of posters in a minimal graphic style, The IF design revolves around the quote 'one man can change the world, with a bullet in the right place', There is no reason why i chose to use rectangular shapes other than i feel they look good, I have placed the quote as if it is the bullet entering the shape pushing part of the shape out i have reflected this at the bottom of the rectangle where i have placed the directors information and used red as a whole colour representing the blood shed, I like how it has turned out it is very simple but i feel it is also quite effective, The poster for the Corporation film is a graphic symbol of part of a ladder (climbing the ladder in business to get to the top) i have used orange as this is predominantly used on the website and in the logo for the film. I also like how this one has turned out to and am happy with the overall concept and aesthetics of both posters.

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