Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On my way

Well i have finally decided on a name to use work wise, As i have a famous name it is quite hard for me to find a domain name, So a few months ago i decided to choose an alternative name to use, I wanted something catchy and intriguing something people would remember, I have now decided for definite that the name i will use is........


Why you may ask?
Well i am hoping that my work will excite people in the way cats get excited by catnip!
I have bought a domain name as just CATNIP was unavailable on its own, I am hoping over the next few days/weeks to put together an identity and design some business cards, I do have the idea of hand-making paper where i will be recycling paper which i have used in my research through uni to which i will add catnip i will then print my details onto it using either letterpress or silk screening, I would also like to set up a blog using this identity.

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