Tuesday, 27 October 2009

La Antena

Flicking through channels late last night into the morning hours i stumbled across a film called La Antena the description was a futuristic sci fi set in a city which has lost its voice. Intrigued i thought i should watch at least the first half hour to see if it would be any good and of course because of the reference to silence, This film was so unexpected it was filmed in b&w and was absolutely visually beautiful it was a near silent film with the characters communicating by mouthing words which appeared as sub-titles within the screen as though it was in thin air. The only person who has managed to keep there voice is the singer La Voz (The voice) who works for the evil Mr TV the owner of the only TV channel to be aired in the city, He is the major voice of the city even though he does not have one, they eat MR TV food can only watch his channel and everything in the film relates back to Mr TV, The part of the film i loved (if i had to pick one part) was were the son of La Voz who has no eyes is waiting for a package to be delivered containing his new eyes, This is delivered to the wrong address and is opened by a little girl (daughter of a man who works for mr tv) as she opens the envelope and shakes it 4 pieces of paper fall out onto the table then magically come together to form a musical dancer like the ones you see in jewelry boxes this is a beautiful scene, after this she delves into the envelope and pulls out a pair of glasses which look like 3d cardboard glasses these have images of a pair of eyes for the boy to wear, unfortunately not long after this i fell asleep as it was heading on to 2am but i am so upset that i did not get to see the rest of the film i am now going to buy it, i strongly recommend you watch this film you will not be disappointed.

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