Friday, 23 October 2009

Old work

Last night i was rummaging around in a box that has yet to be unpacked (18 months later) i came across some of my work from foundation. Its some of the experiments i did for my artists book based on heaven and hell (sins & virtues) i didn't realize how much i liked these and it has worried me that i feel it is better than the work i have been producing while at uni, I've realized how much i used to enjoy just experimenting with stick and ink, different medias getting mucky with paint and charcoal its defiantly been a great thing to come across as i now feel more excited about getting back to working in a way which makes me happy and enables me to produce better work rather than producing pieces i am not overly keen on by trying to work in a different way which i now realize just isnt me maybe while i've been worrying about never finding my niche possibly i had it all along and ive just lost my way for a while so here's hoping from now on i have my creative mojo back!

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